1. Filming Around the Plaza

    Filming Around the Plaza

    Orange has appeared in a number of movies and commercials over the years, from silent films to the present. The Plaza has been used as a location, although it’s movie identity changes with each production.

  2. Holiday Celebrations

    Holiday Celebrations

    The Downtown Orange Business and Professional Association and the city of Orange put on various events for local children.

  3. Parades, Festivals, and Events

    Parades, Festivals, and Events

    Over the years, when the citizens of Orange celebrated occasions with a parade, the route would include the Plaza and its spoke streets. Themes and sponsoring groups would vary. Patriotic events, holidays, spotlighting local industry and business, and special events all provided impetus for parades.

  4. Street Fairs

    Street Fairs

    The International Street Fair started in 1973 as a centennial celebration for Orange. Inspired by the 1910 Street Fair, it has been held annually since then in the Plaza area over Labor Day weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening.