1. Alice Armor

    In 1886, Alice Armor organized a group of civic-minded women in fund raising for the first Plaza improvement project. This also entailed thwarting plans to eliminate the plaza in favor of continuing Glassell and Chapman through the intersection.

  2. Alfred B. Chapman

    Alfred Beck Chapman, one of the founders of Orange, was born September 6, 1829 in Greensboro, Alabama.

  3. Adolph Dittmer

    Adolph Dittmer provided us with many of the early photographs of the Orange Plaza. A very successful businessman, photography was one of his many interests, and he made numerous scenes of Orange and the surrounding vicinity into postcards.

  1. Andrew Glassell

    Andrew Glassell was born in Orange County, Virginia September 20, 1827. He came to San Francisco in 1853 and established a law practice.

  2. William T. Glassell

    The city of Orange was founded by attorneys Andrew Glassell and Alfred B. Chapman, who had participated in the partition of Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana and were active in similar lawsuits in other parts of the county. Glassell and Chapman employed the former's younger brother, Captain William T. Glassell to plot the town site.

  3. Charles McCandless

    In the 1930's Orange wanted to refurbish the Plaza Park with a new fountain. The choice was an electric fountain, decorated with tile. Charles McCandless set the tile around the fountain in 1934.