Business License Account Login

Welcome to business licenses online, the easy, convenient, and secure method to take care of most of your license needs. No need to calculate your tax, when you enter your gross receipts, the system will calculate the tax for you. 

Use the following link, Business License Account Login, to:
  • Renew your license
  • Update your account information
  • Pay an outstanding balance
  • Print your Renewal Notice
  • Print your License Certificate
  • Close your license (only available if you pay a Flat Tax)

Getting Started

You Need

  • Business License Account number
  • Security Code from your Renewal Notice (find it under "Total Due")

You May Not Be Able to Renew Online If

  • Important information such as a resale number, driver's license number, Tax ID number, or State License number is missing from your account
  • You are tax exempt
  • Your account is more than 6 months delinquent
Read the FAQs for more information about this service, or about how to obtain a Security Code. When paying online you may use either Visa or MasterCard for your payment.