1810 - 1929

  1. Before 1870

    Notable events before 1870 include: the King of Spain granting cultivation of Orange and acreage granted to settlers Chapman and Glassell.

  2. 1870s

    Key events of the 1870s include: town establishment; subdivision marking and orange tree planting; post office development; business development; land sales; water utilities; and irrigation development.

  3. 1880s

    Learn about the population of Orange in the 1880s; the first newspaper; the town plaza fountain; streetcar service; and the establishment of Orange County.

  4. 1890s

    See characteristics of the 1890s including: Plaza Park development; citrus fruit marketing; free public library establishment; streetcar development; and drug store opening.

  5. 1900s

    Learn about how electric starts to replace gas use; the high school opens; the purchase of municipal water system; and the largest store at the time opens.

  6. 1910s

    Peruse notable events about the 1910s such as a large street fair; the major flooding in 1916; Woman's Club's Flower Show and Parade; liberty bond rallies; and more.

  7. 1920s

    The roaring '20s. Find specifics on bands; City Hall; parade floats; Queen Valencia Harvest Festival; The Armistice Day Parade; and theater and orchard growth.