1930 - 2003

  1. 1930s

    The 1930s are filled with development such as the First May Festival and Parade; the start of the Women’s Softball Team; the establishment of Orange City Park; and more.

  2. 1940s

    See a chronological history of momentous moments in the 1940s.

  3. 1950s

    The 1950s see the school district formed; college growth; large automobile traffic; and various celebrations.

  4. 1960s

    Orange celebrates a new Civic Center; the opening of El Modena High School; and a library's new dedication.

  5. 1970s

    With the onset of the 1970s there is more urban growth. Find information on El Modena official changes; closure of the Santa Fe Depot; tree planting; 100th year celebration; Antique Faire; and the filming of Gumball Rally.

  6. 1980s

    A few decades ago in the 1980s, the following memorable events occurred: the original plaza fountain was restored; more movie productions use Orange as a backdrop; the Olympic torchbearer visits Orange; Orange reaches 100,000 in population; and more.

  7. 1990s

    Learn about the happenings of the 1990s, including: resumed train service; Tom Hanks and another movie production utilize Orange as a location; parades occur; Watson’s Drug Store celebrates its 100th Anniversary; and filming takes place of Rocky and Bullwinkle on Chapman University campus.

  8. 2000s

    Closer to present day Orange, the 2000s saw the first Paint the Towne outdoor painting contest; regular ArtWalks; dedication of the Millennium Clock; and the Veterans' Memorial dedication.