Sister Cities Association

Orange Sister Cities Association

The Orange Sister Cities Association got its start in 1963 and was adopted by, the Australian city of Orange. Now we have 5 sister cities including France, Mexico, New Zealand, and Russia. Exchanges of students, business people, politicians, police officers and medical personnel have taken place, allowing us to learn about the life and culture of our sister cities.
In April 1999, a group of student ambassadors traveled to Orange's Mexican sister city, and in spring of 2000, a group of 100 Orange representatives, including members of the Orange High School band, drill team, color guard, and adult chaperones, traveled to Orange's Australian sister city.

The Orange Sister Cities Association has won six awards for its work, including the Reader's Digest Award for "Best Overall Youth Program in America" for its student ambassador program.
For more information contact Denis Bilodeau at (714) 749-6386.

Orange Sister Cities


Orange, New South Wales, Australia

Nicknamed "Australia's Color City," it has been our sister city since 1963. Named for the Prince of Orange in 1846, the Australian city has a rich history, partly due to its gold mines. It is also famed as the birthplace of Australia's well-known poet, Banjo Paterson, and one of Australia's most important modern poets, Kenneth Slessor.

Querétaro, Mexico
Located in northwestern Mexico, Querétaro was founded in the fifteenth century and has been Orange's sister city since 1973. At one time the home of Toltecs and Aztecs, it was also where the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, ending the Mexican-American War in 1848.

Orange, France

The small city, home to approximately 40,000 residents, has been sister cities with Orange, California since 1986. Located near Marseilles, Orange was the ancient capital of the Cavares. It was fought over by the Visigoths and the Saracens, and was a courtship and the capital of a principality before incorporating into France due to the 1713 Treat of Utrecht.

Timaru, New Zealand
Orange's sister city since 1990, Timaru (from Te Maru, "place of shelter") was originally a haven for Maori travelers canoeing along the otherwise shelterless coastline. Now the largest town and port in South Canterbury, its history is based in whaling. Along with nearby Rhodestown and Government Town, Timaru incorporated as a borough in 1868.

Novo Kosino, Moscow, Russia
Located in the eastern district of Moscow, 30 minutes east of central downtown, Novo Kosino has been Orange’s sister city since 1992. It is one of 128 city regions that comprise ten administrative districts in Moscow. The capital of Russia, Moscow celebrated its 850th anniversary in 1997.