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Community Services

  1. Community Gardens - Waiting List

    Join the waiting list for a Community Gardens plot.

  1. Tree Inquiry

    Report a sick or damaged tree or apply for a tree removal permit.

Fire Department

  1. Fire Inspection Self Clearance

    Click here to submit for self clearance of an approved fire inspection.

  2. Fire Prevention Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Refer to Prevention Form

    Internal Use Only - Use this form to refer a life safety inspection to the fire prevention bureau.

  4. Station Tour Request Form

    Station Tour Request

  1. Fire Operations Customer Satisfaction Survey
  2. Occupancy Update Request Form

    Utilize this form to request updates to an occupancy file in the FireHouse Records Management Software.

  3. Self Inspection Request Form

    Complete this form to request a self inspection form be mailed to a non-permitted or non-disclosure occupancy.

  4. Vehicle Repair Request

    Utilize this form to request and track vehicle repairs.


  1. Library Card Application

    This is an online library card application form.

  1. Solicitud para Tarjeta de la Biblioteca

Public Works

  1. Plaza Banner Permit
  2. Street Service Request Form

    Use this form to report problems with sidewalks, potholes, drainage, parkway trees, or street sweeping.

  1. Street Light Repair Request Form

    The Traffic Engineering Division conducts a street light check every other week to locate and repair any malfunctioning street lights.... More…

Utility Billing

  1. Sign Off of Service

    Please use this form to request service to be transferred out of your name.

  1. Sign On for Service

    Please use this form to request service to be transferred into your name.