Financial Outcome

The May 18, 1887 Orange Tribune published Mrs. Tener's financial report on the play.

A meeting is called for Wednesday, May 25th at 3 p.m. sharp, at the residence of Mrs. Armor, at which all ladies interested in the Plaza fountain or Plaza improvement are earnestly requested to be present, as very important business will demand their attention.

A meeting was called for Wednesday, May 18th, but it was impossible to transact business the attendance being so small - only three ladies present besides the resident - owing no doubt to the fact that the notice given was so short and not to any lack of interest in public improvement.

At The Meeting

Mrs. T. J. Lockhart presented a report of the receipts and expenses of the entertainment The Plaza given in the new Hall May 12 and 13 as follows:
  • $160.25 receipts
    minus $26.50 in expenses
    equals $133.75
  • $77.19 Total indebtedness on Fountain
    $56.56 Orange Public Library Association
    equals $133.75
It will be remembered that the Ladies Plaza Fountain committee had on hand last report a balance of $20.90. This sum remains intact as a foundation for a reserve fund; the committee having received from the entertainment The Plaza, the amount in full of the indebtedness of the fountain.

Most hearty thanks are due from the Plaza Fountain Committee and the Trustees of the Public Library to the ladies and gentlemen who so generously gave their time and talent in the cause of Public Improvement.

- Mrs. R. E Tener