Bounce House (Moonbounce) Information and Application

To have a bounce house in any City park, you need to have a permit

  • According to O.M.C. 12.48.105 all bounce houses in a City park must have a permit.
  • All bounce houses must be operated by their own generators. 
  • Permits are issued per bounce house. Multiple piece bounce houses require additional permits.
  • Unauthorized vehicles are prohibited on park premises (O.M.C. 12.48.070), therefore all bounce house equipment must be hand-carted in from the street or parking lot.
  • Bounce house space is limited and may not obstruct a walking path or public access to an entry or exit.
  • Bounce houses cause damage to turf, therefore, please avoid setting a bounce house down on a muddy surface.
  • Permit holder must be present and have the permit on hand at all times.

Bounce House Permit Application

Bounce house permits must be obtained in person at:
Community Services Department
230 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA 92866

Fees - Moonbounce, Taco Cart, Personal BBQ Grill

Permit Fee $30.00
Deposit $50.00