Tree Sponsorships

Program Details

Orange is home to some of the most amazing parks in Orange County. The hundreds of beautiful trees that adorn our recreation spaces, fields, and trails are a major reason that our Parks Make Life Better ©. Our Tree Sponsorship Program allows park supporters to help keep our parks green and growing for future generations. 

Applying to be a Tree Sponsor

The tree sponsor will:
  1. Select a tree and park using the options listed below. (Information will be required on the application)
  2. Complete an application here. Application can be printed here.
  3. Make a payment of $164.
    Payments are accepted at the Community Services Department located at:
    230 E. Chapman Ave.
    Orange, CA 92866
    Office are open Monday - Thursday and every other Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.

No refunds will be given after the tree has been planted. The Parks Supervisor will approve the location and type of tree and schedule the installation date. The installation will be within two weeks of the approved request. Attempts will be made to accommodate each location request. Trees can be planted only at specific parks listed below. All trees will be 24-inch box in size.

The tree sponsor will receive a certificate identifying the tree, the park, date of installation and a picture two weeks after the installation. See sample here.

Tree Options

tree options

Park Options

Numbers indicate tree options at each park.
  • Belmont Park (2,8,9)
  • Eisenhower Park (1,2,3,12,14)
  • El Camino Real Park (1,2,3)
  • El Modena Park (2,3,6,10,14)
  • Fred Barrera Park (3,6,7,13)
  • Grijalva Park (10,11,14)
  • Handy Park (3,5,14)
  • Hart Park (3,4,12,14,16)
  • Killefer Park (3,5,9)
  • La Veta Park (2,10,12,15)
  • McPherson Park (3,8)
  • Olive Park (1,4,14)
  • Santiago Hills Park (2,12,14,15)
  • Serrano Park (3,4,8,11)
  • Shaffer Park (2,4,12)
  • Steve Ambriz Park (1,2,3,4)