Risk Management


We manage claims arising from City activities, and review insurance contracts with consultants and outside contractors to confirm insurance requirements and indemnification language is appropriate.  We also ensure that those doing business with the City provide the required proof of insurance documentation, and manage the City's safety programs.


Our staff investigates liability Property and Auto damage claims- The City Attorney's office handles all other types- filed against the City.   Claim forms are available at the City Clerk's office- 300 E. Chapman Ave- for filing a formal written claim.

Workers' Compensation

The City has a self-insured Workers’ Compensation program.  A Third Party Administrator is contracted to manage employee injury claims.

Employee Safety/Loss Control

Preventing losses related to employee injury, injury to the public, or the loss of property and equipment is a large part of our job.  Our safety programs, and the Injury and Illness Prevention Program, are an integral part of our City's workforce plan that include health monitoring, employee safety training, hazard identification, safety inspections, driver safety, ergonomics, and  safety and health rules.