Become a Student

This is an image of someone reading from an open book

It’s easy.  The first step is to call the Literacy Office and make an appointment to meet with a literacy staff person. Family and friends may call to get more information, but the appointment must be made by the student personally.

The appointment lasts about an hour. During this time, the literacy staff person will determine what the student needs to know to be a better reader, available tutoring times and goals the student would like to reach.

The student must be able to complete the assessment in English, as the focus of this program is reading and writing not conversational skills. It’s possible that the student still needs help with vocabulary, but is able to understand and respond in basic English.

After the assessment, the student will be matched with a volunteer tutor as one becomes available and matches the student’s availability. Tutoring days and times are mutually decided, but weekly classes are highly recommended. Some materials are provided, and it is recommended that the student obtain a library card. This can be done with the tutor at their first meeting.

Tutoring takes place in the Reading Lab on the second floor of the Main Library. Students may also use the Reading Lab at their convenience to practice skills they are working on, or access the programs on the computers.  Call or email the Literacy Office today.