Disclosure and UST Online Reporting

The Orange City Fire Department is the administering agency for the Hazardous Materials Business Emergency Plan (HMBEP) and Underground Storage Tank (UST) requirement of the California Health and Safety Code (Chapters 6.95 and 6.7 respectively). All businesses operating within the city of Orange must disclose if their hazardous materials meets or exceeds reporting thresholds. In compliance with Assembly Bill 2286 for electronic reporting requirements of hazardous materials, business emergency plans, and underground storage tanks, all regulated business are required to submit Unified Program information electronically via internet access. Orange City Fire Department utilizes the California Environmental Reporting System, or CERS, as the data exchange portal. The owner or operator creates an online account by visiting https://cersbusiness.calepa.ca.gov and requests access to their facility. The Hazardous Materials Specialists are prepared to provide guidance and direct assistance with this process. You may visit the CERS website to prepare your annual HMBEP disclosure or contact a Hazardous Materials Specialist to assist. Pursuant to the California Health & Safety Code (H&SC) Chapter 6.95 Section 25508, businesses are required to submit, or certify their hazardous materials inventory annually by March 1.