2017 Sanitation Rate Adjustment

On September 1, 2017, City of Orange sanitation customers will notice a change in the way their bill is calculated.  The new method of determining fees was recommended by a third party study of the City of Orange's sanitation rates and approved by the Orange City Council at their June 13, 2017 meeting after an open hearing, which was noticed to customers as required by Prop. 218.
  • Click here to see a chart of the 2017 sanitation rates
  • Click here to read the Sanitation Rate Study
  • Click here to read the Staff Report on the rate adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my residential sanitation fees pay for?

Our City is 130-years old, and we have a sewer system infrastructure that ranges from 5 to 110 years old. To keep everything working like it should, we maintain 312 miles with 32,794 sewer line connections. The fees we collect from our users go towards making sure that when you flush your toilets, everything leaving your line flows the way it should, including: maintaining those lines, operation of the sewage collection infrastructure, inspections, environmental compliance, capital improvement projects, and storm water management.

Why was it necessary to change the way rates are charged?

Previously, residential customers were charged a rate based on the volume of water used. As of September 1, that has changed to a fixed, bimonthly rate to reflect more fairly indoor use by a single family home or multifamily residential building. This change was recommended by a third-party study that looked at how our rates were calculated, examined the city-wide impact of usage on the system, and recommended the change to a residential fixed rate.

What else has changed?

Our customers will no longer be billed for Street Sweeping.

Why, on my September/October 2017 residential sanitation bill, do I see two separate Sewer Maintenance charges?

The change over from our previous method of calculating your bill occurred in the middle of the billing cycle, so your charges - for this bill only- will be split and prorated. How the split is made depends on when your cycle started.

How do my fees compare with other nearby cities?

The rate has not been adjusted since 2009 and the latest rate is in line with Orange County cities.