Library Volunteer Recognition

On Saturday, April 13, 2019 the Library recognized volunteers for their service in 2018.  The volunteers had a wonderful time and enjoyed the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme.  In 2018 the Orange Public Library had 342 adult and teen volunteers who gave 15,944.25 hours of their time to serve their community. Thank you to all the volunteers, we could not do it without you!

Volunteers with 500 hours or more
Charles DavisFriends of the Library562.25 hours
Brien DoddFriends of the Library / Homework Helper560.00 hours
Christine Huard-SpencerFriends of the Library / Programs673.25 hours
Volunteers with 250 hours or more
Mary GaluskaFriends of the Library261.25 hours
Connie KleinFriends of the Library260.50 hours
Susan McCoyAdult Literacy Tutor / Friends of the Library315.25 hours
Dar OleskiewiczFriends of the Library250.75 hours
Peter WetzelFriends of the Library277.25 hours
Carry YoungsonFriends of the Library309.25 hours
Volunteers with 100 hours or more
Betty BeisnerAdult Literacy107.28 hours
Gilda BoldFriends of the Library161.75 hours
Paul BonaventureFriends of the Library108.00 hours
Lisa CaligiuriLibrary Foundation106.00 hours
Pegg CalvertBoard of Trustees / Programs150.00 hours
Jane CarmichaelFriends of the Library114.00 hours
Eleanor ChapmanFriends of the Library154.25 hours
MJ CretneyFriends of the Library129.50 hours
Mavis CrissingerFriends of the Library120.00 hours
Jean DaugsHomebound Deivery133.00 hours
Jan DotingFriends of the Library / Storytime170.75 hours
Rosemarie DriskillFriends of the Library142.75 hours
Chuck FarinaTech Volunteer159.50 hours
Kathy GoddardFriends of the Library / Homework Helper138.38 hours
Ellie JordanFriends of the Library165.00 hours
Ethel JordanAdult Literacy Tutor104.00 hours
Zishia KerrFriends of the Library133.50 hours
Joanna KondrathFriends of the Library / Homebound Delivery127.25 hours
Joanne LeDoyenFriends of the Library110.50 hours
Judy LehmanFriends of the Library129.70 hours
Geraldine LewisFriends of the Library124.25 hours
Darlene LucasFriends of the Library100.75 hours
Joyce LuisFriends of the Library106.25 hours
Donna MahFriends of the Library102.25 hours
Mary-Ellen ManningFriends of the Library209.00 hours
Bernadette McIntoshFriends of the Library141.00 hours
Donna NashFriends of the Library124.75 hours
Sheila PeetFriends of the Library114.00 hours
Phyllis PopeFriends of the Library / Homebound Delivery116.75 hours
George SalcedoFriends of the Library105.50 hours
Myles SawaiLending Services / Homebound Delivery133.50 hours
Ed ShoupLending Services / Friends of the Library213.50 hours
Ann SiebertFriends of the Library173.50 hours
Kathleen StevensFriends of the Library138.50 hours
Manual VillalobosAdult Literacy Tutor117.50 hours
Rayma WillisAdult Literacy Tutor137.50 hours
Colleen ZengerAdult Literacy Tutor149.00 hours
Special Thanks…
The Orange Public Library wants to acknowledge the generosity of our local businesses that helped support our volunteer program by donating gifts to help thank our volunteers.