Mara Brandman Arena Site

The proposed project would create a six-lot subdivision with lot sizes between 1.0 acres and 1.19 acres. The proposed subdivision will have local access from Nicky Way and regional access from Santiago Canyon Road. Grading for the proposed project includes the import of approximately 19,500 cubic yards of new clean soil. Additionally, the proposed project includes the improvement of Nicky Way from a narrow, unstriped paved travel lane to a fully improved street with two 11-foot travel lanes, on-street parking, parkways, and sidewalks on both sides of the street; as well as equestrian trails along the boundary of the property on Nicky Way and Santiago Canyon Road.

The project site is located at 6146 East Santiago Canyon in the City of Orange, County of Orange, California. The western half of the site is vacant, with a parking lot that houses a simple produce stand building; the eastern half of the site houses the Mara Brandman Arena, an equestrian facility consisting of an arena, movable metal bleachers, arena lighting, and metal storage containers.


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