Shop Orange

Orange is home to two regional malls, a charming Old Towne, great auto dealerships, and commercial corridors such as Tustin Street and Chapman Avenue. With such an array of shopping options, you can buy almost anything you want without ever having to leave the city. In addition to the convenience of shopping locally, the great thing about shopping in Orange is that a portion of the sales tax you pay goes to support vital city services.

If you choose to buy a $25,000 car in Orange, one percent or $250 will go to the City’s general fund. About two thirds of the City’s general fund is used to pay for police and fire services, and the remaining amount is used for such things as libraries, parks, and street repairs. About forty percent of general fund revenue comes from sales taxes, so shopping in Orange can have a big impact on city services. Remember that where you choose to shop makes a difference. By shopping in Orange, you are not only supporting local businesses, you are supporting the local services that you rely on.