Mini Lessons

Mini sessions consist of 4 lessons, 30 minutes each
Cost: $22 per session, per participant

Session A meets Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks.
Session B meets Saturday and Sunday for two weeks.

Mini Session Dates:
Session 1A: Tuesday, June 18 - Thursday, June 27
Session 1B: Saturday, June 22 - Sunday, June 30
Session 2A: Tuesday, July 9 - Thursday, July 18
Session 2B: Saturday, July 13 - Sunday, July 21
Session 3A: Tuesday, July 23 - Thursday, August 1
Session 3B: Saturday, July 27 - Sunday, August 4
Session 4A: Tuesday, August 6 - Thursday, August 15
Session 4B: Saturday, August 10 - Sunday, August 18
Class Level  Description  Level is recommended for swimmers who: Mini Lesson Times
Playful Porpoises
Ages 3-5
Ratio: 5:1

Orients your children to the aquatic environment and helps them gain basic aquatic skills. Example of skills: submerge mouth, nose and ears.  • Are uncomfortable doing a supported front or back float 
 • Can only do arm and leg actions while being supported 
 • Are uncomfortable while in the water at any depth
P.M.: 12:00, 12:40
Frolicking Frogs
Ages 3-5
Ratio: 5:1

Helps your child gain greater independence in their skills and develop more comfort in and around the water. Example of skills: bobbing, combined arm/leg actions on front and back, front and back floats. • Can only do front and back glides while supported 
• Can submerge their mouth, nose, and eyes in the water comfortably 
• Can only turn over in the water while supported
P.M.: 12:40
Active Alligators
Ages 3-6
Ratio: 5:1

Helps your child start to gain basic swimming propulsive skills to be comfortable in and around the water. Example of skills: tread water, combined arm and leg actions, fully submerge and hold breath. • Can independently do front and back glides 
• Are comfortable in deep water 
• Can control their breathing while swimming on their front with their face in the water 
• Can independently perform alternating arm and leg actions while swimming on their front
P.M.: 12:00
Level 2: Primary Skills
Ages 3+
Ratio: 5:1

Learn the fundamentals of front crawl, back crawl, turning over while floating and water safety. This is a difficult level to pass; most students repeat class twice. • Can fully submerge their head in chest deep water 
• Needs assistance while flutter kicking 
• Needs assistance while floating on their front or back 
• Can only do combined arm and leg actions while supported
P.M.: 12:00, 12:40
Level 3: Stroke Readiness Ages 3+ Ratio: 6:1 Refinement of front and back crawl and endurance. New skills include elementary backstroke and front dives. Most students repeat class twice. • Can swim freestyle 10 yards independently 
• Can do rhythmic breathing while swimming on their front 
• Can independently flutter kick on front and back • Can glide with face in the water, unsupported and return to a standing position
P.M.: 12:00, 12:40