Spark of Love

Toy Drive_2020

The Orange City Fire Department is joining Southern California Firefighters and asking local communities to help families in need during the holiday season by donating new, unwrapped toys or sports equipment (No food).

Toys may be shipped to Fire Headquarters or dropped off at any Orange City Fire Station between November 25 through December 24.

New this year, toys may be purchased through the Orange City Fire Department Spark of Love Registry

​Station 1: 176 South Grand Street
​Station 2: 2900 East Collins Avenue
​Station 3: 1910 North Shaffer Street
​Station 4: 201 South Esplanade
​Station 5: 1345 West Maple Avenue
​Station 6: 345 City Drive South
​Station 7: 8501 East Fort Road
​Station 8: 5725 Carver Lane

​In order to request toys, any nonprofit organization in the City of Orange, must fill out an online application.  
​Applications will only be accepted from July 15 through September 30.

​The toy program is to ensure that every under deserved child in Orange City receives a toy for the holiday season. We ask for your assistance in complying with the following items to ensure a successful holiday toy program.

Eligibility requirements for recipients:
​1. A recipient may be either adult guardians of children meeting these requirements or children themselves meeting these requirements.
​2. A recipient must be residence of Orange County, California, beyond that there are no other residency requirements.
​3. A recipient must have a financial need and meet the Federal and County poverty and low-income guidelines. For reference, consult, HUD, USDA, and Families USA. Recipient families who receive benefits from Social Security Disability, SSI, HUD Housing (Section 8), WIC, CalFresh (SNAP), CalWORKS, OC Social Services General Relief Program, Medi- Cal, or when the adult guardians are unemployed, should meet the financial need requirements.

​Distribution requirements for your program:
​1. The organization responsible for distribution must be a nonprofit recognized as eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable donations.
​2. The organization must distribute without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.
​3. The organization cannot impose any membership or additional residency requirements on recipients. For example, you cannot limit distribution solely on membership in a specific organization, or residency in a specific Orange County City or legal status of residence in the Country.
​4. The organization may not distribute toys as a means to entice, reward or invite persons to participate in your regular services or programs.
​5. Toy applications and distribution events are subject to audit by the Orange City Fire Department Staff. Providing false or misleading information on your application may result in application denial for the current and/or future programs.

​ For more information about the Spark of Love Toy Drive, please call the Orange City Fire Department at (714) 288-2541.