Evacuation Information

Know Your Way

Major Streets

The following streets will be the primary way to get you and your family out

  •  Santiago Canyon Rd.
  •  Chapman Ave.
  •  Serrano Ave.
  •  Jamboree Rd.
  •  Cannon St.

Smaller Roads

Secondary roads will get you to major streets

  •  Orange Park Blvd.
  •  Winder Dr. & Meads Ave.


  •  In most cases, you will go west
  •  In other cases, you will go north or south before heading west
  •  In some cases, you will go east before heading west

Road Closures

  • Road closures will ensure the flow of evacuation traffic
  • Freeway off ramp closures will ensure the flow of evacuation traffic


  • Every emergency is unique: routes and closures can change based on conditions
  • Follow direction from police, fire and city personnel

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Evacuation Plan Maps