High-Rise Program

Inspections, Requirements

There are 29 high-rise buildings located in the city of Orange. Each of these buildings is inspected annually, as required by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. High-rise buildings are required to meet specialized requirements based on limited exiting facilities, and the possibility of fire and smoke spread through the building.

Following Building Codes

Recognizing these issues, the State of California requires all high-rise office buildings to establish and maintain evacuation plans for their occupants in accordance with Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations, and to submit a copy of those plans to the Orange City Fire Department for approval. High-rise buildings are also required to meet State Fire Marshal regulations related to fire and panic safety as found in the California Building Code.
High Rise Building with vehicles parked in front

Related Contacts

Please contact Fire Safety Specialist Dale Eggleston at (714) 288-2561 any questions you might have regarding annual inspection requirements in high-rise buildings. Please contact Deputy Fire Marshal Casey Fieldhouse with questions regarding emergency evacuation planning.