Employee Retention Grant

Employee Retention Grant

The Employee Retention Grant provides up to $20,000 to Orange small businesses that have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Grant funds may be used for payroll to retain low- and moderate-income employees for at least 90 days. To qualify, businesses must meet the following criteria*:

  • The business is physically located in Orange, has been in the City for a minimum of one year and is not a franchise or part of   a chain of more than three locations.
  •  The business is a for profit business with at least 2, but not more than 50 employees.
  •  The business has gross annual revenues of at least $100,000, but no more than $5 million.
  • The business has experienced at least a 25% reduction in revenue due to COVID-19 and is able to provide documentation             showing the loss in revenue.
  • 50% of employees of the business meet low- and moderate-income requirement of ≤80% of the HUD Area Median Income (see     Qualifying Household Income Limits).
  • The business continues to operate legally during the COVID-19 crisis and the designated employees are actively working at the     business.
  • The business has had no major code violations in the last twelve months.
  • Adult businesses, massage parlors, and largely cash-based businesses are not eligible.
  • The business has not received full coverage of employee payroll from an insurance provider or any other entity.
  • Individuals that own or have interest in more than one business may be limited to one grant total (i.e., if a person has ownership           interest in three businesses, only one of those businesses may receive a grant under this program).

Qualifying Household Income Limits

Household SizeMaximum Income
1 person$71,750
2 persons$82,000
3 persons$92,250
4 persons$102,450
5 persons$110,650
6 persons$118,850
7 persons$127,050
8 persons$135,250

Required Documents 
1. Revenue statements for 2 months in 2020 verifying 25% less revenue than the same months in 2019
2. Revenue Statements for the same two months in 2019
3. Annual revenue statement for 2019
4. Payroll records for each qualifying employee
5. Income verification form for each qualifying employee

How to Apply

Employee Retention Grant Application

Employee Retention Grant Application with CoOwner

If you have questions, please call (714) 744-2222 or email at edinfo@cityoforange.org.

*Based on demand, the City has the discretion to adjust the grant eligibility criteria, particularly as it relates to minimum number of employees, minimum annual gross revenue, and the percentage decrease in revenue due to COVID-19, in order to maximize the effective reach of the Program.