2020 Community Meeting and Updates

Capital Improvement Plan Update - October 2020

In August, we shared the design process for the renovation CIP was complete and the request for bid (RFB) for landscape renovation had opened.  Several bids were received with Nieves Landscape, Inc. submitting the lowest responsible bid of $205,777. Nieves’ bid was competitive and below the cost estimate. At the October 13th Council meeting, the contract with Nieves to complete the renovation project was approved.

The renovation is scheduled to start by October 29th and includes the following areas:

  • Finishing the renovation of the second half of Skylark Place from Presidio Avenue to Canyon View Ave, including the 2 corners on White Oak and Canyon View
  • Renovating the 2 small medians on Canyon View between Skylark and Jamboree
  • Renovating the small median on Skylark at Canyon View
  • Renovating the small median on White Oak Ridge and Canyon View

The project scope includes demolition and removal of existing turf and landscape, soil preparation and minor adjustments to the existing grade, conversion of the existing irrigation system to a new low-flow, sub-surface system, and installation of new plants, turf and groundcover. The first phase of the renovation includes the demolition and removal of the existing turf in the medians, corners, and parkways.  This turf eradication process is anticipated to take 4-6 weeks. As part of the eradication process, pesticide notification signage will be posted by both Nieves and the City in all treated areas. Renovation of non-turf areas will happen concurrently. While weather can certainly play a factor, it is anticipated the overall project will be completed by the end of January.   

Community Update-August 2020

In May we sent out a message regarding the plan for renovating aging landscape with new fiscally and environmentally sustainable landscapes that meet the expectations of the community. The FY21 capital project focuses on the following areas: the second half of Skylark; medians on Canyon View, White Oak, and Skylark; and the corners at White Oak and Canyon View. To review the complete message from May, please see below.

With the approval of the FY21 CIP budget at the June 23rd Council meeting, we are on track and moving forward with these renovations.  The design process is complete and the request for bid (RFB) for landscape renovation is currently open. The bid is expected to be awarded at the October 13th Council meeting with work scheduled to start by the end of the year. To view the RFB and plan documents, please visit: RFB 20-21.05 Landscape Renovation at Skylark Place and Canyon View Avenue

Community Update - May 2020

Capital Improvement Plan Update

Based on feedback received at the Santiago Hills community meeting held in September 2019, the following capital improvement plan (CIP) for fiscal year 2021 (FY21) was created and shared with residents in November 2019. Please visit 2019-Community-Meeting-and-Updates for more detailed information on the process and background. The intent of the renovations is to update the aging landscape with a new fiscally and environmentally sustainable landscape that meets the expectations of the community.   

  • Finish the 2nd half of Skylark, including the renovation of the 4 corners on Skylark and Canyon View Ave and the 2 corners on Skylark and Newport Blvd
  • Renovate the small median on Canyon View between Skylark and Old Camp Rd
  • Renovate the small median on Skylark at Canyon View
  • Renovate the small median on White Oak Ridge at Canyon View
  • Renovate the corners at White Oak Ridge and Newport Ave

Staff has begun the initial planning and design for these renovations, taking into consideration lessons learned from the Trails End and Skylark projects, as well as evaluating areas within the landscape to be renovated, were turf is best to be planted where it can thrive. Final approval of the CIP and corresponding funding is included in the City’s proposed FY21 budget, to be considered by the City Council through the annual budget process. It is anticipated bids to complete the work will be accepted in the fall of 2020 and work will start at the end of 2020 or in early 2021. Projects will be completed in phases as funding is available.

The community continues to express interest in maintaining trees (as does the City) and replacing them throughout the District when possible. Over the last year, 32 trees have been planted to replace trees that have died or been removed for safety reasons. We will continue to plant trees in an effort to maintain a full canopy within the District, taking into consideration the location and need for adequate root space within the mature landscape.

Landscape Maintenance Contract Update

Community feedback continues to support prioritizing on-going maintenance. In addition to the identified renovation projects, the focus continues to be on landscape maintenance such as replacing dead plant material, pruning/re-shaping overgrown shrubs, maintaining turf, and application of mulch in appropriate areas.

During the September community meeting, staff had received feedback regarding the City’s current Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.  The feedback was mixed with support for keeping the current IPM Program as well as switching to an organic only program.  The current contract with the District’s landscape maintenance provider will be expiring June 30, 2021 with the request for proposals to be advertised in January 2021. As a result of the community’s feedback, the request for proposal will include 1) a scope of work that is based on the specifications and requirements under the current service contract, and 2) an alternate bid for maintaining the landscape without the use of synthetic pesticides.  Prior to the award of a new multi-year contract we will seek additional community input.  

Santiago Hills Park Pesticide Free Maintenance Pilot Program Update

In August 2019, at the request of City Council, staff initiated a year-long pilot program at Santiago Hills Park to maintain the park without the use of synthetic pesticides. For more information and program updates, please visit Park-Maintenance.

Annual Public Hearing-June 9

The annual public hearing required to provide for the annual levy and collection of assessments for the District is set for the Tuesday, June 9th City Council meeting.  The agenda and accompanying reports, including the annual District budget, will be available Thursday, June 4. Please visit Agendas-Minutes-and-Public-Hearing-Notice for the agenda and information regarding participation.  No increase is being recommended at this time.