Private and Commercial Landscape


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Landscape Standards & Specifications

Most new landscape construction must comply with State and local laws and ordinances for water conservation. The City reviews and approves all commercial and residential landscape plans submitted to the City to ensure they meet these standards established under the Water Efficient Landscapes section of City’s Landscape Standards and Specifications.

Any new landscape construction over 500 square feet in size that comes before the City for permits, plan check, or design review is subject to this requirement. Use the link below to view the City’s Landscape Standards and Specifications and see Section IX and the Guidelines for Implementation to understand what is required when installing a new landscape.

Landscaping standards and specifications have been established in order to maintain quality landscape design and construction guidelines that are in alignment with the City's desire to provide a positive aesthetic image and enhanced quality of life for its residents. This document outlines the responsibilities of residents and developers with regard to landscape integrity.

Resident and Developer Resources:

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