Sports Fields

There are various athletic fields throughout the City of Orange that may be reserved or used for drop-in use. However, groups of 10 or more are required to have a permit when using a sports field and field space is limited due to various approved sport league use. Organized sport leagues looking for field space should review the City's Field Allocation Policy.

If you are interested in reserving a field or are with an organized sport league looking for field space, please contact

General permit deadline restrictions apply to sport field reservations. To view a list of our parks with sport fields, click here.

For up-to-date weather-related parks closure and sports field conditions, please call the MUD LINE at (714) 744-5592 after 2 pm.


Community Field Days

Looking for a day to play a fun sports game with your friends, family or neighbors?  Informal groups of 10 or less can drop in and use the fields for recreational sports use on our Community Field Days*

Orange residents, Orange based non-profits, or Orange based businesses of more than 10 people have the option to obtain a one-time use permit for recreational sport activities (maximum of 2 hours/day) on Community Field Days. All sports activity must be in-line with the intended purpose of the field (i.e. soccer play can only take place on a soccer or multipurpose field). To obtain a one-time use permit or have questions about reserving a field for one time recreational use, please email

For information regarding field permits for organized play on non-Community Field Days, please email

On non-Community Field Days, priority is given to permitted activities. If field isn’t in use for permitted activity or maintenance, drop in use is available.

Community Field Day Schedule 

*Designated day subject to change without notice due to inclement weather or maintenance issues.
Parks Fields Days*
El Camino Real Park Softball Fields 1-4
Multipurpose Field
Grijalva at Santiago Creek Park Soccer Fields 1-3 Fridays (February - July)
Sundays (August - January)
Handy Park Baseball Fields 1-2
Multipurpose Field
Mondays (February - July)
Sundays (August - January)
Hart Park Terrace
Softball Fields 2-3
El Modena Park Baseball Field Mondays (February - July)
Saturdays (August - January)
McPherson Athletic Facility Soccer Fields 1-4
Baseball Fields 1-5
Olive Park Baseball Fields 1-5 Sundays (February - July)
Saturdays (August - January)
Shaffer Park Softball Field Saturdays
Steve Ambriz Memorial Park Softball Fields 1-2
Multipurpose Field

City of Orange Adult Sports League

Softball League - Summer Season is currently in progress.  Fall Season is tentatively scheduled to begin September 20th

The City of Orange, in partnership with Major League Softball (MLS) offers slow pitch league for men, women, and co-eds.

Team Registration
Register at

League Fees
The team fee is $395 (includes a one time non-refundable sign-up fee). Returning a team's registration fee is $360. Each team is required to pay $24 official fee prior to the first pitch of every game.

Basketball League - Summer Season currently in progress.  Fall season is scheduled to tip off Sunday October 3rd.  

Men's adult basketball leagues is offered at the Sports Center at Grijalva Park.

League Play
Bronze level play has a 6'5" height limit.
Tuesday - Men's Bronze
Thursday - Men's Bronze and Silver
Sunday - Men's Bronze

Team Registration 
Register online at

League Fees
The team fee of $246 and $150 refundable deposit are due upon registration. Each team is required to pay a $35 referee/scorekeeper fee in cash prior to each game. For more information contact Joe Avila at (714) 744-2271 or

Tuesday League Schedule and Standings

Tuesday Orange Division Schedule and Standings
Tuesday Green A Division Schedule and Standings
Tuesday Green B Division Schedule and Standings

Thursday League Schedule and Standings

Thursday Orange Division Schedule and Standings
Thursday Green Division Schedule and Standings
Thursday Silver Division Schedule and Standings

Sunday League Schedule and Standings

Sunday Orange Division Schedule and Standings
Sunday Green A Division Schedule and Standings
Sunday Green B Division Schedule and Standings


Open Gym Play at the Sports Center at Grijalva Park (Building B), 368 N Prospect St. Orange, CA 92869

Open gym play allows the general public to come in and play "pick up" basketball and pickleball games at the Sports Center at Grijalva Park. First time participants 17-years-old and younger are required to bring their parent/legal guardian to complete the release form in the presence of a City staff member prior to participating.  All open gym participants must have a release form on file prior to play. Hours and days are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.  


Play Fee - $2 Per Day
Time of Play - Mondays and Fridays; 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Play Fee - $2 Per Day
Time of Play - Tuesdays and Thursdays; 8:30 - 11:30 am

Open Gym will not be held on the following dates: July 27th, July 29th, August 10th, and August 12th.

Senior Volleyball

Mature-aged adults are encouraged to join the fun Tuesday evenings at Hart Park. Games begin at 7 p.m. and are played on a sand court. This is a great way to meet people and make new friends. For more information, please call (714) 538-9633 or visit

Sports Organizations in the City of Orange

Organization Contact Information Website
American Youth Soccer Organization (714) 712-0942
Central Orange Girls Fastpitch Softball (714) 634-4894
National Junior Basketball (714) 765-6567
North Sunrise Little League (714) 633-5939
Olive Pony Baseball League (714) 974-9714
Orange Junior Soccer Club (714) 771-6572
Orange Little League (714) 978-9817
Orange Youth Football (877) 462-4433
South Sunrise Little League (714) 538-9743