Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins


This is a fun and easy treat for the whole family to make. No matter how old you are, rice krispie treats never get old!



6 cups rice krispies cereal
3 Tbsp salted butter
1 (10 oz) pkg. mini marshmallows
Orange gel food coloring
3 pretzel rods, end portions broken off into 2-inch pieces (so you'll have 6 pieces)
6 mini green airheads or any green chewy taffy-like candy
Non-stick cooking spray


  1. Measure out rice krispies cereal and pour into a bowl. 
  2. Melt butter in a 4 quart non-stick saucepan or pot over medium-low heat. 
  3. Add marshmallows and stir.  As they begin to melt start adding in the gel food coloring until desired color is achieved. Stir constantly until marshmallows have melted. 
  4. Remove from heat then immediately pour in rice krispies cereal and gently stir and fold with a spatula until cereal is evenly coated. Let mixture cool slightly (until it's cool enough to handle with your hands).
  5. Spray hands with non-stick cooking spray; then shape rice krispie treat mixture into balls about the size of a baseball. 
  6. Insert 1 piece of the pretzel rod into the top center and reshape the pumpkin as needed. Transfer to a plate or dish sprayed lightly with cooking spray.


7. Beginning on one side of the airhead candy cut out a leaf shape with clean scissors. Use the remaining portion of the piece of candy to roll and shape into a thin rope shape then twist into a vine. 

8. Place the leaf and vine on the sides of each pretzel on the pumpkin.

If you have a difficult time finding candy for the leaf and vine, you can use green cookie/writing icing instead.

As another option, you can use black cookie/writing icing to draw faces on the pumpkins. You’ll need a steady hand, so practice a little before you actually draw on the pumpkins. Use your creativity and experiment with different expressions!