Extended Use Fees

You can sign up to receive courtesy notification emails for your account. Please call customer service at (714) 288-2400, option 3, to set up this service. Please have your library card number available to help expedite the call. 

Extended Use Fees

There is no charge to borrow any library material as long as it is returned by the due date.  If library materials are returned after the due date, extended use fees apply as follows:
  • Adult Books, Magazines, and CDs (per item) - $0.25/day
  • Children's Books, Magazines, and CDs (per item) - $0.25/day
  • DVDs (per item) - $1/day
  • InterLibrary Loan - $1/day plus charges from the lending library
  • Holds - $0.50 for each item not picked up
  • Laptop Computer - $10/hour
Courtesy notices are mailed when materials are 10 days past due. The library card holder is responsible for extended use fees regardless of whether or not a notice is received.

Lost Materials

  • Items are considered lost if they are 20 days overdue.
  • If you lose an item, you will be charged a $5 processing fee in addition to the cost of the material.

Collection Agency

In order to ensure the prompt return of library materials, Orange Public Library has retained the services of Collection Bureau of America. The library has the authority to submit outstanding accounts to a collection agency. The collection agency will impose additional charges to submitted accounts.