Current Projects

  1. Project Notices and Related Environmental Documents
  2. Housing Element Update
  3. The North Tustin Street Specific Plan
  4. Chapman University Specific Plan Amendment #7
  5. Trails at Santiago Creek
  6. Pending Land Use Applications

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires all projects with a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Negative Declaration (ND) or Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) to be available for public review for a minimum of 20 days for a ND/MND and 45 days for an EIR for the public to comment. Additionally, if an EIR has been determined necessary for a project, a Notice of Preparation (NOP) is issued to determine the scope of environmental issues to be analyzed in an EIR. This NOP provides for a response period of 30 days to the City concerning the content of the proposed drafting of an EIR. For further information regarding CEQA and the City's Local Environmental Review Process, follow the links.

Notices required by CEQA are distributed to inform the public of the review and/or comment period. Comments should be submitted in writing and must include contact information (name, address, email address). All such comments received by the City will be made available to the City's decision makers for consideration prior to rendering a decision on the project. 

Ronald McDonald House

  1. Appendix D - Water Quality Management Plan
  2. Appendix E - Noise Measurement and Analyses Data
  3. Appendix F - Trip Generation Analysis
  4. Appendix G - Arborist Evaluation

St. Joseph Medical Office Building (MOB)

  1. Appendix C-2 - Paleo Resources Records Check
  2. Appendix D - Phase I ESA
  3. Appendix E - Preliminary WQMP
  4. Appendix F - Noise Modeling Results
  5. Appendix G-1 - CEQA Transportation Impact and Access Analysis
  6. Appendix G-2 - Parking Management Plan
  7. Appendix H - Tribal Consultation Correspondence

Cannon St. & Serrano Ave. Intersection Improvements

  1. Appendix 6 - Noise Data
  2. Appendix 7 - Traffic Data
  3. IS-MND Public Review Draft - ENV 1867-19 Cannon St & Serrano Ave
  4. Notice of Intent - ENV 1867-19 Cannon St & Serrano Ave

Well 28

  1. Appendix E - GHG Report
  2. Appendix F - Phase I ESA
  3. Appendix G - Well Design Report
  4. Appendix H - Noise Study
  5. Appendix I - Trip Generation Table

Northern Gateway Commercial Center

  1. MND No. 1864-17 Draft w/ Attachments (08-04-2020)

Cohen Residential Project

  1. Notice of Intent
  2. Amendment to the Orange-Olive Specific Plan

Mabury Tentative Tract

  1. Attachment 5 - Site Photos
  2. Attachment 6 - Addendum
  3. Attachment 7 - EIR
  4. Attachment 8 - Plans

Fire Station No. 1 and Headquarters Project

  1. Appendix B_Geotechnical Investigation
  2. Appendix C_Water Quality Management Plan
  3. Appendix D_Noise Report

Park Place Memory Care

  1. Park Plaza Memory Care Draft MND dated May 2020

Tustin-Katella Right Lane and Bus Turnout Project

  1. Tustin-Katella RT Lane Bus TO Draft IS MND Jan 2017

Trails at Santiago Creek- Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report 

  1. App J - Phase I and Phase II ESA
  2. App K - Hydro and Water Quality Reports
  3. App M - City of Orange SMARA Memo
  4. App N - Noise Analysis
  5. App O - Public Services Supporting Information
  6. App P - Traffic Impact Analysis
  7. App Q - Trails at Santiago Specific Plan
  8. The Trails At Santiago Creek Specific Plan - Final Draft 10.30.18
  9. Development Agreement - Trail at Santiago Creek -- with Exhibits

Trails at Santiago Creek

  1. Appendix G - Hydro-Water Quality Reports
  2. Appendix H - Noise Analysis
  3. Appendix I - Public Svcs Supporting Info
  4. Appendix J - Traffic Impact Analysis
  5. Appendix K - Pre-development Agreement
  6. Appendix L - Position Statement

Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Master Plan