Renew Materials

Online Renewal

You may renew materials that you currently have checked out through our online catalog system. Click here to access the online catalog.
  1. Select Renew My Materials
  2. Enter your library card number and 8 digit birth date (MMDDYYYY) and select the List Charged Items button
  3. Individually select the items you want to renew, or select Renew All
  4. Select the Renew Selected Items button
  5. Verify a successful renewal by reading the text indicating how many items have been renewed
  6. Carefully review due date(s).
Please be aware that items may fail to renew if they have reached the renewal limit or if the item has been placed on hold by another patron. If you are unsure if the renewal worked, please contact the library at (714) 288-2400 - menu option 3 - during normal business hours. Please have your library card number available to help expedite the call. 
Can't Renew?
If you are unable to renew your items online, please call (714) 288-2400 during normal business hours to speak with a customer service representative. You can also call our phone renewal line at (714) 288-2413 to leave a message 24/7. Please have your library card number available when calling. 

You will not be able to renew materials on your library account if:
  • The material has already been renewed twice
  • Your library card has been reported lost or stolen
  • Your library card has expired
  • Your library card privileges have been blocked due to fines or fees over $10
  • The material has been placed on hold for another person.