Audit Committee

Regular Meetings

Meetings are held at least twice, annually, on an as-needed basis in compliance with the Brown Act (PDF).


  • Vacant 
  • Dwight Nakata, CPA.
  • G. David Piper, CPA.
  • Jerro Otsuki.
  • Vacant
  • Rick Otto, City Manager (Staff Representative)
  • Internal Audit Manager (Staff Representative)

Committee Composition

The Committee shall consist of seven voting members that include the City Manager, Internal Audit Manager and five (5) citizen representatives, with the professional designation of Certified Public Accountant, whose primary residence or primary place of employment is in the City.

Committee Terms
The term of service for this commission is two years for citizen representatives per Resolution No. 9624.


No member of the Committee shall be financially interested in any contract, or otherwise conduct any business with the City, the Orange Redevelopment Agency or any officer of the city either on an individual basis or as a partner, major shareholder, member or employee of any firm. (Qualifications revised 8/22/06 per Resolution 10112). The duties are set forth in Resolution No. 9624.


All members of the Committee are subject to the requirements of the Conflict of Interest codes of the City of Orange and Conflict of Interest laws of the State of California.


An advisory committee whose primary purpose is to assist the City Council in discharging its responsibilities for the overall stewardship of the City’s financial affairs.

This will include:
  • Ascertaining the existence and adequacy of accounting and internal control systems and related safeguards over the City’s assets
  • Reviewing financial information
  • Serving as a communication link between the City Council and the independent auditor