Sewer Information

General Information

The City of Orange maintains over 1.6 million lineal feet or 308 miles of sewer pipeline. Provides information regarding sewer systems and sewer lateral connections. Maintenance includes annual cleaning of sewer lines and periodic videotaping to search for trouble spots. Keeping the sewer system clean helps limit potential sewage overflows that could threaten our health and water quality. For information about the City's sanitation rates, view the Sanitation Rates (PDF). For additional information about the City's most recent sewer rate study, view Comprehensive Sanitation Rate Study (PDF).

Sewer Lateral Connections

A sewer line from a private property is connected to the public sewer main on the street by means of a sewer lateral. Each property is connected to the sewer main with a separate sewer lateral. The sewer lateral is the section of the sewer pipe line running roughly perpendicular from the private property to the sewer main on the street. The construction and maintenance of the sewer lateral is the responsibility of the private property owner.

New Connection

Construction of a new sewer connection requires a Plumbing Permit from the Building Department and an Encroachment Permit from the Public Works Department.

The fees include:
  • City Sewer Connection Fee
  • Orange County Sanitation District Fee
  • Building Permit Fees
  • Encroachment Permit Fee
  • Security Deposit
The property owner is advised to contact Public Works Department and Building Department for further information to help determine the feasibility of the project. For additional information view the New Sewer Connection (PDF).

Repair of Existing Sewer Lateral

An Encroachment Permit is required for repair of a sewer lateral between the property line and the sewer main in the street. This includes works in the sidewalk area, in the parkway area, and on the street pavement. A Class A or C-42 licensed contractor should be hired to perform the work. The contractor should apply for the permits on behalf of the property owner. The fees include Encroachment Permit Fee and Security Deposit.

For Property Owners in County Unincorporated Areas

Property owners outside of City of Orange jurisdiction (County Unincorporated areas) should contact Orange County Sanitation District for sewer connections. The City of Orange does not provide sewer service for properties outside of City limits.

Connection of Sewer Lateral to County Trunk Line

For certain streets, the sewer mains are components of Orange County Sanitation District trunk lines. The City of Orange does not have jurisdiction for these lines. Once the City's Public Works Department has determined that such a situation exists, the property owner will be further instructed to process additional applications with the Orange County Sanitation District office.

Septic System

Building Division reviews the septic tank and leach field design and permitting process. Public Works Departments reviews the location of new leach field systems to ensure compliance with water quality and potable water setback requirements.