Trash, Recycling, and Organics

The City of Orange’s trash, recyclables, and organics (green waste and food waste) are collected by CR&R Incorporated. For customer service, including establishing service, change of address, cart replacement, bulky item pickups, temporary bins, or missed pickups, call CR&R Incorporated Customer Care at (714) 372-8272.

The City of Orange has among the lowest rates in Orange County; however, like other cities throughout the County and statewide, rates are increasing due to unfunded state mandates. For more information, please see the State Mandated Solid Waste Rate Adjustment webpage.

New Organics Recycling Program

The State of California has set an ambitious goal of 75% recycling, composting or source reduction of solid waste by 2020. To help achieve this goal, the City of Orange together with CR&R Environmental Services has launched an expanded Organics Recycling Program for residents with cart service.

Organic waste is mainly comprised of food scraps and yard waste such as green waste, landscape, and pruning waste. It will be transported to CR&R Environmental Service’s Regional Organics Anaerobic Recovery (ROAR) facility where technology will convert your food scraps and yard waste into renewable natural gas and fertilizer. This new program will help keep Orange’s organic waste out of the landfill and enable the City to achieve state mandated waste reductions.

Different methods and rules apply for ratepayers to help achieve compliance. To learn more about the specific expanded services available to you effective January 1, 2020, please select one of these three options that is applicable to your household, property, or organization:

Residential | Multifamily | Commercial

CR&R Incorporated observes the following holidays:

New Years DayJanuary 1
Memorial DayLast Monday in May
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DayFirst Monday in September
ThanksgivingFourth Thursday in November
Christmas DayDecember 25

When any of the above holidays fall on or observed Monday through Friday, trash collection will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week. If this results in trash collection and street sweeping being scheduled for the same day, residents are asked to place their carts on top of the curb or parkway for collection rather than in the street.