Dirt Hauling Permit

When and Why Permits Are Necessary

Dirt Hauling (Transportation) Permits allow for the monitoring of truck traffic throughout the City, and to minimize the potential of damage to City infrastructure by oversize and overweight vehicles.


Import or export of earth material, Orange Municipal Code Chapter 10.67.030. Any person, firm, association or corporation moving more than 500 cubic yards of earth material, or if moving any amount of earth material on public roadways not designated as approved City truck routes, per the City of Orange Grading Manual.

Hauls in excess of 30,000 cubic yards requiring the use of City streets require City Council approval and the possible provision of the following additional measures:
  • Periodic safety inspection of all haul trucks.
  • A hold harmless agreement between the City of Orange and the grading contractor will be required for vehicles hauling earth material to and from the project site.
  • Flagmen and/or automatic traffic lights may be necessary as required by the City Traffic Engineer.
  • A cash deposit may be required to ensure against loss of pavement life along primary haul routes.

Possession of Permit

Permits shall be carried in the vehicle to which it refers at all times while the vehicle is being moved within the highway limits, and shall be open to inspection by any California Vehicle Safety Alliance officer, authorized agent of the City of Orange, or any other officer or employee charged with the care and protection of such highways (CVC 35783; and OMC 10.67.010).

Where and When Permits Are Issued

Transportation Permits are issued at:
Civic Center
Public Works Counter
300 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA 92866
Phone: (714) 744-5525, or by facsimile at (714) 744-5573.

The City of Orange observes a compressed 9/80 work schedule, hours to obtain permits are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and alternate Fridays.


  1. Haul routes shall be identified and approved by the City Traffic Engineer.
  2. Trailers carrying loads of earth material shall, in a manner adequate to prevent the earth material from blowing or bouncing out of or otherwise leaving the truck and/or trailer when traveling or standing upon any public roadway, cover the load of earth material with a tarpaulin prior to entering any public roadway in the City of Orange.
  3. A street sweeper and or water truck may be required on the job site to mitigate effects of dirt, mud and debris on the roadway.
  4. Days and hours of haul will be reviewed and approved by the City Traffic Engineer to mitigate area and peak hour traffic conflicts.
  5. A cash deposit may be required to ensure the streets utilized in the haul route will be maintained in a clean and orderly condition throughout the hauling operations, and to protect against any damage to City infrastructure.
  6. Certificate of Insurance, Liability Coverage. A valid policy of Bodily Injury and Property Damage Insurance, with expiration date, is required for vehicles operating on public roadways. The minimum policy limit is $500,000 combined single limit coverage. The Certificate of Insurance must name the City of Orange as "additional insured" on separate page, endorsement CG20 form and there must be a "30-day written cancellation clause." The cancellation language must be exactly as follows, unless authorized by the City Attorney's office:
    • "Should any of the above described policies be cancelled before the expiration date thereof, the issuing company will mail 30 days written notice to the certificate holder named to the left."(Please note that "endeavor to mail" is not acceptable.)
  7. In addition, the applicant must possess a current City of Orange business license. Exemptions to this requirement are when the carrier is driving through the City and does not stop within City limits. Applications for business licenses may be obtained from the Business License Division of the Finance Department at (714) 744-2270.


  • $16 for each truck involved in the hauling operation, valid for duration of permit. This is not a daily charge. (Five trucks multiplied by $16 for 90 days = $80)
  • $5,000 clean-up deposit to be refunded upon completion of hauling activities, after inspection by the City.

Payment and Use of Credit Cards

The City of Orange accepts payment of permits by cash, check or credit card (Visa and Master Card only).

Special Conditions

The following special conditions shall further control dirt-hauling operations. Any damage to City roadway surfaces shall be repaired at the expense of the permittee, including job-site ingress/egress points and all streets used as a haul route.
  • Days Hauling may occur Monday through Friday only. (Excluding Holidays)
  • Hours Hauling may occur between the hours 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. only; or as determined by the City Traffic Engineer.
Contractor is advised that on-site construction may be allowed in accordance with Section 8.24.070 of the Orange Municipal Code regarding Noise Abatement, to work on-site from 7 a.m. through 4 p.m. with the following provisos. No employees or agents of the Contractor shall start engines of any construction equipment or trucks working on the project site prior to 7 a.m. under any circumstances.

No trucks may be parked on city streets adjacent to the job site with motors running prior to 7 a.m. when work may commence, including personal vehicles belonging to your employees, and employees of any subcontractors.

Traffic Management

Trucks shall queue on-site and not on adjacent city streets.

Street Cleaning

The Contractor shall provide street sweeping during each haul day on those streets utilized in the haul route. Sweeping shall occur as necessary throughout the working day and shall not be performed at the end of the day, as directed by the City. A vacuum truck may be required for clean up and compliance of the Storm Drain Act, at the discretion of the City. Additional sweeping by City forces, if necessary, will be billed to the Contractor and the haul permit shall be suspended until resolution of any sweeping problems. Construction site must be swept and washed clean at the end of each workday as noted in Section 7-10 "Public Convenience and Safety" of the job specifications.

Haul route streets shall be washed every working day at the discretion of the City. Contractor shall wash off wheels of trucks prior to entering City streets to avoid tracking dirt and mud onto City roadways. A water truck may be required for dust control on the job site at the sole discretion of the City Inspectors.

Temporary Interruption of Hauling Operations

The Orange Police Department Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer and/or City Inspectors will determine when wind conditions are of a magnitude requiring cessation of hauling activities for that day. To accommodate vehicles en-route, hauling will cease 1 hour after the decision to cease has been made.

All loads of earth material shall be filled below the top of the sideboard, as outlined in the California Vehicle Code, or the loads shall be covered by a tarpaulin, as provided in the City Municipal Code, Ordinance No. 15-90, Chapter 10.67.030, Paragraph B, which states as follows:
  • "Trailers carrying loads of earth material shall, in a manner adequate to prevent the earth material from blowing or bouncing out of or otherwise leaving the truck and/or trailer while traveling or standing upon any public roadway; either wet down the loads or cover the load of earth material with a tarpaulin prior to entering upon any public roadway in the City of Orange."
As a result of the BIT Legislation (Bi-Annual Inspection of Commercial Vehicles, Drivers and Facilities) the vehicle safety inspections formerly required are not necessary. The Orange Police Department will, however, perform spot checks during the entire duration of this permit.


It shall be the Contractor's responsibility to maintain control of his sub-contractors and advise them of the conditions of the haul permit. Violation of any condition of the haul permit, or applicable sections of the State of California Vehicle Code by the Contractor or his sub-contractors shall be cause, upon notification to the Contractor, for immediate suspension or revocation of the haul permit. A responsible agent of the Contractor must be identified and be available to respond to Police and Public Works officials' concerns or inquiries.