Parking Permit Information

Neighborhood Parking Permit Program

Steps for implementing a Neighborhood Parking Permit Program on residential streets within Orange:

  1. Parking Permit areas are implemented on a block-by-block basis.
  2. The area must abut an institutional, recreational, residential apartment, commercial or industrial use which is generating the parking intrusion.
  3. Only a property owner of the candidate area may initiate the permit process.
  4. Since Permit Parking Areas benefit certain residents, and not the general public, a “Permit Parking Program Application Fee” $3,620.00 shall be paid by the proponent(s) of each new or additional permit area, for consideration of the implementation of permit parking. (This could also be implemented with a $1,500.00 deposit and an additional $2,120.00 when the petition is issued.)
  5. Note: Requests will not be processed until the application fees are submitted.
  6. Upon receipt of the letter of request and the application fee the Traffic Engineering staff will conduct parking studies in the candidate area to determine if the proposed permit area demonstrates a need for permits.
  7. To demonstrate a need, 75% of the available on-street space in a proposed permit area must be occupied during the perceived problem times.
  8. Staff will identify the least restrictive permit hours to achieve the desired results.
  9. If the minimum parking occupancy is met, a petition that covers all of the addresses on the affected street(s) will be mailed it to the proponent.
  10. The proponent circulates the petitions through the neighborhood and returns the completed forms to the Traffic Engineering Division within 45 days. The proponent shall sign under penalty of perjury that the signatures collected are those of the identified households.
  11. There must be a minimum of 75% of residents in favor of the proposed parking permit program in order for the request to receive a favorable recommendation by the Traffic Engineering Division.
  12. Only one signature per household from resident, either spouse, is required. Corner lots participation is limited to street frontage where the home’s address is visible.
  13. Petition shall be read thoroughly prior to resident signing. Resident will initial the Advantages and Disadvantages column prior to signing the petition to indicate they have read the Pro’s and Con’s. The vote is final and cannot be changed.
  14. The Traffic Engineering Division assigns the request to the first available City Traffic Commission agenda for consideration.
  15. All addresses on the petition will be notified of the Traffic Commission Meeting at least 10 days prior to the meeting. The property owner of each address will be notified in addition to the resident of each address, if they are different. In addition as part of the city notification practice, all residents and businesses within a minimum 300 feet radius of the area will be notified of the meeting 10 days prior to the meeting. The notification area may be expanded to include more properties in proximity to the proposed permit area that receive direct benefit from the availability of on-street parking within the proposed permit parking zone.
  16. If the Traffic Commission approves the request, it is then forwarded to the City Council for final approval. The affected street(s) are added to the City’s Permit Parking Resolution.
  17. Residents are notified as to where they can pick up their permits and when the Police Department will begin its enforcement.
  18. Number of permits per household is based on housing density and is determined by the Police Department.

Number and Cost of Permits Per Household

  • Parking Permits are for single family and duplex residential units only. Apartments, commercial and institutional uses are not eligible to receive parking permits.
  • Number of permits per household (single family residence) shall be limited to five permits including guest permits. The total number of permits shall not exceed five per household.
  • Number of permits for each unit of a duplex shall be limited to two permits (for registered vehicles only), plus two guest permits. The total of permits shall not exceed four permits per unit.
  • Permits cost $30 per household and are valid for three years. Permits are non-transferable and are invalid if the registered permittee moves from the household.
  • Single day event guest permit (up to maximum of 20) are available four times per year at no cost to a resident.
  • To minimize sign pollution, permit parking area shall be identified by area posting wherever possible.
Please see our Neighborhood Parking Permit Program Implementation Policy (PDF) for additional information.

How do I register, pay, or renew a parking permit?

To register as a new permit holder with the Citation Processing Center, upload the required documents; a government issued ID, current utility bill, or for Chapman University students, submit your enrollment verification letter, government issued ID, and utility bill.

You should receive an email within 24-48 hours verifying your permit was approved or denied. If approved, submit your payment and the permit will be mailed to you within seven days.

Click here to register, pay, or renew a parking permit then select one of the following options:

  • I have an account and password
  • I need to register as a new permit holder
  • I already have an active permit and need to register
  • Reset password
  • Questions can be directed to the Citation Processing Center customer service line (800) 969-6158.