Free eBook Websites

Photo of an eBook reader with physical books behind

Project Gutenberg

Summary: Many eBooks that are in the public domain are on Project Gutenberg. There are also helpful tips on downloading to each type of eBook reader. A mobile version of this site is also available. The most common search functions are available on the left side of the page.

Commentary: The home page is busy looking, but otherwise this site is useful.


Summary:Feedbooks is organized by the following categories: Public Domain (free), Original (free) and New Books (fee) may be purchased on this site. FAQs are also provided for new users. Site describes itself as the for eBook readers.

Commentary: Pleasing site presentation with lots of white space. For someone who knows what to look for, this is an ideal site for browsing and searching for ebooks.

Open Library

Summary: This Open Library site allows the option to return eBook results only. Hard copy books are available for purchase. Results can be organized by versions. Subject tags for fiction books are extensive.

Commentary: This is a well-organized site with a pleasing use of color and thoughtful organization of functional features.  For those who want to just download eBooks, other dedicated eBooks sites are easier to use.

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Summary: Internet Sacred Text Archive is supported by Google ads. Search box is available and eBooks are organized by numerous categories. Plain text may be downloaded. The bibles are available on this site.

Online Books Page

Summary: All types of eBooks are available on Online Books Page. Plain text interface with no ads. Books are also available in plain text. Browse and search options are easy to use. To use advanced features registration is required.

Commentary: Downloading text is straightforward and easy. This site has no extra features, but it has all the necessary basic functions.

Summary: Only classic books in the public domain are available on Free content is readily available. Books are divided into chapters. However, internet access is required. Text ads are on both left and right sides of the page. Browsing is not possible, but search box is available.

Commentary: Sans serif text is easy to read.

Summary: Clear options to download in HTML, PDF format or plain text are helpful and available through Downloads are quick and thorough. Books are organized according to popularity, which is useful. User review indicating thumbs up or thumbs down are available as well.

Commentary: This site is a great resource for eBooks. The downside is that the home page is cluttered looking.

Summary: Early romance novels are available through Girlebooks. There are multiple options for downloading eBooks to different eBook devices.

Commentary: No ads are visible. The site appears to cater exclusively to girls and women. Forum for eBooks is available also.


Summary: Content on Smashwords costs as little as 99 cents. Free content is not available. Independent authors and publishers are featured on this site. Several types of samples to download are available.

Commentary: This site is recommended for those looking for a diverse variety of reading material.