Water Conservation

Even in the best of times, water is a precious commodity in Southern California. The continuing drought, with no relief in sight, means that conservation is more important than ever. Here at the City of Orange, we're working hard to help reduce our own water footprint. We are reducing the watering of landscaping at all City facilities, including City Hall, our libraries, and fire stations. We have also installed water less urinals at many of our City facility restrooms and new park facilities.

Conservation Efforts

The Orange Fire Department is also working hard to reduce their use of water by:
  • Minimized the water used to perform the necessary daily and weekly apparatus (such as fire engines) pump checks.
  • Decreasing the routine washing of trucks and equipment, which is now done only when necessary.
  • During training that requires water, they make sure that water runoff is directed onto landscaped or grassy areas.
Our Community Services Department is also cutting back on water consumption by:
  • Reducing irrigation of non-active park grass areas.
  • Installing weather based "smart" irrigation control systems in six of our parks, with five more parks scheduled to receive them in the next 14 months. More parks will also be added to the list throughout Fiscal Year 2016-2017.
  • Installing booster pumps at some parks to increase water pressure which raises efficiency without increasing water consumption.
  • Installing drought tolerant species of grass, such as Bermuda and Kikuyu, in new park construction.
  • Removing "water hungry" turf, where appropriate, and replacing it with other types of non-irrigation landscaping.
  • Providing regular water management and conservation education to City maintenance personnel who manage irrigation systems.
  • Regularly inspecting, and quickly repairing, irrigation systems to insure they are operating as efficiently as possible.
In our Public Works Department, water use is being scaled back by:
  • Operating Fire Hydrants below full flow during required maintenance. Reducing facility landscape watering to two times per week.
  • Eliminating all washing of hardscapes when cleaning.
  • Eliminating the washing down of water mainline breaks.
  • Repairing water main leaks immediately and meter leaks within 48 hours.
  • Landscaping around the City Water facilities including water tanks and pump stations will be gradually replaced with Drought Tolerant plants and a low-flow drip irrigation system.
Additionally, Public Works Staff are performing free Water Audits for customers, providing them information, such as how to identify water leaks and water-wise landscaping options, which can help customers reduce their own water footprint. Call (714) 288-2475 for more iinformation.