Graffiti Removal

We remove graffiti and tagging from public property- parks, bus shelters, street signs, sidewalks. You can help by immediately reporting graffiti vandalism to us at (714) 744-7279.  Please leave your name, phone number, and a detailed description of the location of the graffiti. Our graffiti removal team works hard to deal with vandalism within 48 hours, depending on the volume of calls at the time.

Reporting Graffiti

You can also report graffiti by filling out or online form. You should include:
  • The address where the graffiti is located - for example, "123 N. Main St." or "At the intersection of La Veta and Cambridge"
  • The location of the graffiti (be as detailed as possible) - such as, "On the south-west block wall," or "On the stop sign facing east
  • Your phone number, in case we need more information

Reporting Graffiti on Private Properties

For graffiti left on private properties or those not owned or maintained by the City, the list below serves as a guide for the proper agency to contact:
  • Metrolink train easement, contact the Orange County Transportation Authority at (714) 560-6282.
  • Flood control channels and basins, contact the County of Orange graffiti hotline (714) 955-0200.
  • Freeway underpasses, outside of overpasses, off-ramps and sound walls, call the Caltrans graffiti hotline (949) 936-3500.
  • Public school property, contact the Orange Unified School District at (714) 628-4000.
  • Homeowner Association (HOA) property, contact your HOA or property management firm. Private property and, or private businesses such as shopping centers, contact the owner or property manager.
We appreciate your assistance in maintaining a clean and attractive city for residents and visitors.