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Crime Prevention is the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk, and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it. Crime Prevention is an active approach utilizing public awareness and preventive measures to reduce crime.

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The City of Orange adopted a Building Security Ordinance in 1979 that was adapted from a California model security ordinance published the previous year.  Much like the Building Code, the Security Ordinance (OMC 15.52) outlines specific security standards for all new commercial and residential construction in the city.  

The Crime Prevention Unit takes part in every aspect of the development process including Staff Review, Plan Check and on-site inspections.  In addition, Crime Prevention is available for security assessments of any home or business in the City of Orange.  

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a security check of an existing residence or business please contact (714) 744-7327. Click here for details.

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