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A Brief History of Orange

View A Brief History of Orange adapted from "Orange: The City 'Round the Plaza"
by Phil Brigandi, 1997.

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Margaret Gardner's History of Orange - 1930

Margaret Gardner was born in 1888, 1 of the 7 children of Henri and Emma Gardner. Her father, Henri Fitch Gardner had come to California in 1852 at the age of 20, settling in Anaheim. After meeting and marrying Emma Howard, a Los Angeles school teacher in 1872, he purchased 20 acres in Orange on South Glassell Street, between La Veta Avenue and the Santiago Creek. All of the seven children were born at the home on South Glassell.

"Early History of Orange is Related" provides us with interesting facts and remembrances about Orange, from the viewpoint of one from an earlier time. At the time her series appeared in the Orange Daily News in 1930, she was living at 550 South Glassell Street in Orange, California.

Don Juan Pablo Grijalva

View Don Juan Pablo Grijalva by Eddie Grijalva.

Don Juan Pablo Grijalva, soldier, settler, rancher and pioneer - came to California with the Anza expedition in 1775. At that time there were only 5 missions, 2 presidios and a single Rancho of some 120 square yards (140 varas). Grijalva's heritages dates to the time of Cortez and his legacy includes the only Spanish rancho in Orange County.