Vacation Check Program

Did you know the Orange Police Department offers free vacation checks for residents? This is a great way to have your home checked while you are away.


The Orange Police Department Volunteers conduct vacation and business checks for residents and business owners in the City of Orange Monday - Friday, during the daytime, based on volunteer availability. Perimeters of the property are checked to verify that all doors and windows are secure. In addition, residents can take other preventive measures to secure their home:
  • Stop all mail and newspaper deliveries, as well as other deliveries –or- have a neighbor or adjoining business pick-up mail, packages, etc.
  • Program lights and radios to come on during various times of the day/night
  • Arrange for family or neighbors to watch the home
  • Lock doors to home/vehicles and place all valuables out of site
  • Do not leave travel brochures and maps out for easy visibility to passerby’s
Take advantage of this free service by submitting a Vacation Check Request Form one week prior to leaving. Please click here to Vacation access the Check Request Form