Orange's population: 1,216. Electric streetlights replace the gas lamps around the Plaza. $1000 is spent for cement curbs and gravel walks for Plaza Park. The Parker Brothers travel to San Pedro by wagon and purchase a 110 feet Oregon pine log, which they paint and erect in the Plaza as a flagpole. 


Star pine is planted in the Plaza. Orange Union high School opens, with first classes held in the Dobner Block on the west side of South Glassell (the new building would be available in Fall 1905). 


Postmaster James Fullerton contributes 11 trees to the Plaza including:
 Banhinia Purpurea
  • Banhinia Veriagata
  • Mezena Arecta
  • Parkensona
  • Red Crepe Myrtle
On October 31 the City of Orange Board of Trustees adopt Resolution Number 24 for the purchase of a municipal water system.


City purchases Orange City Water Works, the local domestic water system, after the citizens of Orange vote to issue bonds to cover the cost. Orange High School Building is dedicated.


Ehlen and Grote Block, then the largest store in Orange, opens downtown. Orange News becomes the Orange Daily News and begins publishing daily. Orange's first movie theater, the Wonderland, opens. Carnegie Library opens 4 blocks from the Plaza.
Historical Photo 012
Historical Photo - variety of trees
Historical Photo - many palm trees
Historical Photo - building in the distance with many windows
Historical Photo - Building entrance with lamp posts