Orange's population: 2,920. Grand Fiesta is held at the Plaza (forerunner of May Festival). 1910 Street Fair draws large crowds in September. Horse crashes into Plaza fountain.


City sewer system is installed.


Plaza Square is paved, and the wooden flagpole in Plaza is replaced by a steel pole. An El Modena boy, Fred Kelly, wins gold medal in hurdles at the Olympics. Motion picture companies begin using Orange area for early silent film locations. Madame Effie, the renowned mind reader, circles the plaza blind-folded in a chauffeured car in search of a hidden treasure.


A frigid cold causes icicles to form on the Plaza fountain.


Major flooding in Orange County, including Orange and the Plaza.


The Woman's Club of Orange presents a Flower Show and Parade on April 17, an event that includes many wonderful flower-covered floats and automobiles.


Orange supports the war effort with many Liberty Bond rallies. One of the bond parades at the Plaza is filmed and features the movie star Mary Miles Minter, the war tank "Victory" and Company 76. The Banhinia Verigata, or Orchid tree, blooms in November. A Peace Parade and program for returning soldiers and sailors is held on Christmas Day in the Plaza.


In July, the Business Men's Club of Orange sponsors a town promotional documentary film that includes footage shot at the Plaza.
Historical Photo - large open roadway
Historical Photo - Mens sports group
Historical Photo - fountain and palm trees
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Historical Photo - central plaza