Orange's population: 8,000 plus. Final Orange Queen Valencia Harvest Festival held in Plaza.


C.B. Bradshaw, architect of many of Orange's downtown buildings, dies.


First May Festival and Parade is originated by Dr. A. H. Domann in honor of Valencia orange harvest. A "Pioneer Days" theme is chosen for the event.


Orange Lionettes Women's Softball Team forms. Over the years parades celebrating their many victories end at the Plaza!


Orange City Park (now W. O. Hart Park) is dedicated on May 1. The Orange City Council approves expenditure of $1840 for a new electric fountain. Original Plaza fountain is removed October 5, 1937 and put in storage. The present Plaza Fountain is installed.


Golden Jubilee Parade celebrates City of Orange's 50th year in April. Red light on pole placed in Plaza alerts Orange police officers to call in for assignments. Major flooding in Orange and Orange County. Bandshell is added to Orange City Park.
Historical Photo - long row of buildings
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Historical Photo - large group of women athletes
Historical Photo - fountain and landscaping
Historical Photo - river scene