Part 4: San Diego and Rancho Las Flores

Presidio San Diego

In late 1785, a vacancy came available at the Presidio in San Diego through the death of Alfaréz Jose Velasquez. Transferring in 1786 to San Diego, Grijalva gained the promotion, and remained active as Alfaréz until his retirement. 12

The 1788 Registry of the existing Missions, [was taken] by Alfaréz Juan Pablo Grijalva at Presidio San Diego. From Loreto, Baja California to San Francisco, Alta California. 14

Later, Grijalva led a group to Northern Baja California where "...having founded this mission in the mountain range among the Rosario y Santo Domingo, [we] fulfill the orders of the Viceroy on the 27th of March, 1793. The chosen site was named for the indigenous Casilepe, and now has given it that of San Pedro Mártir de Verona. He returned again in April of 1794. 15

[Beginning] January 3 1795, [from] San Diego, Grijalva and Grejera, [had] ...taken the census of the missions of the North. Juan Pablo Grijalva on visit(s) to the Escoltas (Military Escorts) de San Miguel, de San Juan, San Gabriel, y de San Miguel. 14

Padre Juan Mariner in 1795 filed a "report on the survey which we made in company with Alfaréz Juan Pablo Grijalva, Corporal Juan Vicente, etc." Claudio, when in the military, accompanied them to locate the site for the Mission de San Luis Rey de Francia.16. On June 13, 1798 Padre Presidente founded this his last mission.

Rancho Las Flores

1796 March 1st, San Diego Juan Pablo Grijalva, second-lieutenant to the company of the Viceroy, requests his retirement...On the margin you see the endorsement of Governor Borica. 11

An Indian uprising in 1796 brought Grijalva to Mission San Miguel in Baja California where during the foray his horse was shot out from under him. He was 55 years of age, and retired that same year. 11

He petitioned for Rancho Las Flores (probably around 130,000 acres) the following year. Founded in 1798, the Mission San Luis Rey claimed Las Flores for agriculture, taking it from Grijalva. We now call Rancho Las Flores, Camp Pendelton. 1

Padre Presidente Fermin Francisco de Lausan, who had founded this mission had praised Grijalva only a few years before. 17