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Santiago Hills Assessment District Landscape Maintenance Update-February 2021

The current landscape maintenance agreement for the District will expire in June 2021.  The City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new 4-year term, starting in July 2021 through June 2025. The scope of work includes general maintenance of the landscape, mowing, trimming and implementing the City’s approved Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM).

The IPM focuses on the long-term prevention and/or suppression of pest problems (such as insects, invasive species, rodents, and weeds) through a combination of techniques which includes pest identification, monitoring, prevention, and treatment tactics.  The IPM is regulated and permitted by the Orange County Agricultural Commissioner and utilizes products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which may include synthetic pesticides. To view the City's IPM Policy and Implementation Guidelines, please visit:

At the request of some District community members, the RFP included an option to replace EPA approved pesticides with use of organic pesticides only, recommended by the nonprofit organization Organic Materials Review Institute. This option would continue to use a variety of techniques to focus on the long-term prevention and/or suppression of pest problems, including the use of increased manual labor.

To view the full RFP, please visit:

The proposed cost to continue with the current IPM for the new 4 year agreement is approximately 14% higher than the current agreement and with current assessment fees is financially sustainable through the life of the contract. The organics only IPM, on average, costs 50% more. Budget projections indicate the organic only program is sustainable for the first two years of the agreement. To maintain the use of organics only for the remainder of the agreement, an increase of approximately 45% in assessment fees would be required. The current assessment would need to be increased from the existing range of $394-$613 to approximately $566-856 annually (The figures are current estimates. If an assessment increase is pursued, the true increase would be determined through a contracted independent study.) Factors affecting the cost of the IPM include cost of the product, frequency applied, and labor involved in implementing the IPM.  Both programs require the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 2-3% annually for Overlay District Assessment No.15-1 in order to continue with standard landscape maintenance and capital improvement projects.  Please click here to see a detailed chart comparing the current IPM and the organics only program, including how each program will be implemented and expected results.

The City is seeking input from the District’s homeowners regarding interest in maintaining the current IPM or evaluating an increase to assessment fees in order to transition to an organics only IPM.

In order for input to be considered, the homeowner’s name and address must be included. Input is needed by 12pm on February 24. Homeowners may submit input by completing the survey here: or emailing with your selection to either:

  1. Maintain Current IPM
  2. Evaluate the option to increase assessment fees to transition to an organics only IPM

If emailing, please be sure to include your name and address.

Thank you for your feedback.  The new landscape agreement is anticipated to be awarded at the April 13 or May 11 Council meeting.

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For questions, please email or call 714-744-7264.