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Trails in Orange

The City of Orange has many recreational and equestrian trails to enjoy as well as on street and off street bikeways for commuting and traveling across town or just getting in some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. There are also equestrian and multi-purpose trails in areas of the City that are maintained by Homeowner Associations and volunteers. These trails, though maintained by others, comply with City standards and are open to the public. 
      • City of Orange Trails Map

Santiago Creek Bike Trail

The Santiago Creek Bike Trail (SCBT) consists of a paved trail alongside the Santiago Creek that spans 6 miles from Hart Park to Cannon Street, with one branch that continues north in a City owned right-of-way from Walnut Avenue to Collins Avenue where it connects to the City of Villa Park. Bicyclists, joggers, and nature lovers will enjoy views of the creek's native vegetation and natural habitat. The Santiago Creek Bike Trail also provides links to 3 City of Orange Parks; Grijalva, Yorba, and Hart Parks, which provide ample parking and easy access to the trail. 
     • Santiago Creek Trail Access Map 
     • Santiago Creek Trail Rules 

Other Orange County Trail Resources

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     • Orange County Parks and Trails 

Additional Trail Resources and Information

     • Trails4All 
     • City of Orange Bikeways Master Plan (PDF)  note: v.2001 is the most current.
     • City of Orange Recreational Trails Master Plan