How do I report graffiti?
Community members can help by immediately reporting graffiti and tagging to the City of Orange. Please call the City's Graffiti Hotline at (714) 744-7279 and leave your name, phone number, and a detailed description of the location of the graffiti.

If you would prefer to report graffiti or tagging via email, please send an email to Graffiti Reports. Please include the following information:
1. The address where the graffiti is located - For example, "123 N. Main St." or "At the intersection of La Veta and Cambridge."
2. The location of the graffiti (be as detailed as possible) - Such as, "On the south-west block wall," or "On the stop sign facing east."
3. Your phone number - This information is needed in case the graffiti removal staff needs more information.

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