• Ellen and Grote Building
  • Ainsworth Lumber and Milling Company
  • Street Fair Committee at The Plaza
  • Booths Outside the Cuddeback Building
  • Orange Union High School Booth
  • People Walking Across Road
  • Booths Outside the Campbell Block
  • City Council Members
  • Glassell Street During the 1910 Street Fair
  • First National Bank Building
  • Group in a Captive Balloon
  • Long Beach Band
  • Looking Down Glassell Street
  • Poultry Exhibit and Palm Trees
  • Caged Chickens at Poultry Exhibit
  • People Viewing the Poultry Exhibit
  • Southwest View of Street Fair
  • Postcard of The Plaza During Fair
  • The Dummy Streetcar
  • Men Standing Together at K.E. Watson Booth
  • Poultry Exhibit
  • Crowd Walking on Street
  • 4 Young Men in a Hot Air Balloon
  • Full View of K.E. Watson Booth
  • Watsons Drugs and Soda Fountain
  • View of Street During 1910 Street Fair
  • K.E. Watson Booth
  • Postcard of The Plaza
  • Balloon at the 1910 Street Fair
  • Ainsworth Lumber and Milling Booth
  • Lights at Street Fair

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