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1. Can I pay for a class online?
2. How can I check park facility reservation availability?
3. Where do I go to obtain a permit, reserve a facility, or register for classes?
4. What do I bring to obtain a permit and/or make a reservation?
5. Can I obtain a park permit or make a reservation if I am not a City of Orange resident?
6. Are jumpers (bounce houses) allowed in the City of Orange parks?
7. What activities do you offer for children?
8. How do I register for a class?
9. I do not live in the City of Orange, but can I still sign up for a class?
10. How can I get a copy of your Our Orange magazine?
11. Are bicycles permitted in the park?
12. Are dogs allowed in the park?
13. Is there a dog park in the City of Orange?
14. Who do I contact to report illegal activities occuring in the parks?
15. How do I report overflowing trash in a park?
16. When does the Sports Center at Grijalva Park have their open gym hours for basketball?
17. What are your pool hours?
18. Do you offer swim lessons?
19. Are you currently hiring?